Providing Assistance

  • To hone your political and/or leadership skills
  • To build powerful political and business alliances
  • To gain a deeper understanding of any East-African country market
  • To get wider visability in the region
  • To lead and grow with dignity and authenticity

About Us

LIONS CONSULTING & ASSCOCIATES is an East-Africa focused business consulting, public affairs, and management training firm providing research, coaching, strategic public relations, government relations, communication and marketing/public relations services for those in the region and outside the region.    

We help global organizations and businesses to enhance their East-Africa interests and business success while working across cultures in East African nations. We assist pubic and private corporations and agencies both inside and outside the region to develop culture-specfic insights that are crucial to doing business collaborations in East-Africa and offer special expertise in facilitating joint-venture partnerships in the region.

Further, LIONS CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES brings success to clients through integrated business & political communications strategies, conflict resolution, and promotion of product sales and services in the East-Africa region.

Our Mission

LIONS CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES is a goal-oriented, pragmatic and reliable firm aiming to help clients assess their needs objectively and to work with them to benchmark excellence, improve success, enhance value, and contain costs.  We stand out for our creative approach, our professionalism and our commitment to the issues we set out to solve for and with our clients.


We welcome the opportunity to assist global clients with both their short-term and long-term goals in East-African countries.  With integrity, we strongly stand by our motto: “ Your business is our Pride!”