I have worked with Ayan for the past two years, during which time she has been instrumental in assisting us to develop our company.
I can confirm that Ayan Ahmed is a woman of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to all aspects of her work whether that be on a consultative basis online marketing strategy, personal business coach or anything web related.
Salma Ali

Our Core Services

Market intelligence

Companies that target the East-African market need comprehensive and reliable information. With our range of market research and intelligence services we offer information services of varying complexity.  With a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis, LIONS CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES helps you to better understand your target markets in any East-African country. With our network of subsidiaries and affiliates in key markets we are able to provide a common sense approach for business decision-making.

Intercultural Negotiation

• Recognize, and react appropriately to, the cultural aspects in a negotiation process
• Understand culturally related strengths and weaknesses of your own preferred negotiation style
• Successfully use a win-win approach in an intercultural context

Intercultural Communication and Strategy

In today's global economy, where people are the core source of competitive advantage, success depends on the ability to perform in international and intercultural environments; thus, proper communication is paramount. LIONS CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES helps your business gain valuable intercultural communication skills. These skills will encourage proper communication with others from different cultural backgrounds. We know that it’s highly important to realize that when dealing with business people from other cultures, you must be aware of cultural differences and value systems.
Further, intercultural communication skills help people to overcome potentially embarrassing problems and frustration resulting from different conventions of behavior, politeness and gestures. It may help business people to understand power differences in other cultures. The way business decisions are made is also strongly influenced by culture. Intercultural communication can enhance the understanding of individualism and collectivism and will contribute to the prevention of stereotyped images of other people.

Coaching and Consulting in Leadership, Team, and Career Development

If your needs or the needs of your organization include the below, we can help:
• Leadership development coaching for middle and senior leaders
• Team coaching or team building services
• Developing and facilitating a strategic planning process
• Individualized career coaching
• Training in the creation and implementation of development plans which focus, empower and retain talented people
• Peak performance and full engagement of all key players.


LIONS CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES provides workshops and presentations on the principles of personal and leadership mastery.


Multicultural Team Building

• Increase awareness of how culture impacts team behavior and decisions
• Improve the interaction and communication among team members
• Provide the skills and instruments to facilitate the team building process
• Effectively utilize the cultural diversity of the team as a resource


Political Tourism

Lions Consulting & Associates knows that a tangible understanding of the political structure of a country is very important. East-Africa is politically unique and the countries are individually complex. Such trips will allow you to travel, see, and understand areas of interest and areas of conflict that may be a challenge to your initiatives and to help you develop a deeper understanding of the local culture and history.

Our responsible political tours include the following:

• Touring the situation on the ground
• Provide good security
• Provide briefings
• Meetings with ordinary people on various sides of politics and/or conflicts
• Meetings with activist and peace groups
• Meetings with government officials
• Offer cultural and historical components to the tour