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Somalia also known as the horn of Africa, is despite experiencing civil unrest, a country that has maintained a healthy informal economy, based mainly on livestock, remittance/money transfer companies as well as telecommunications - all from the private sector. Unlike the pre-civil war period when most services and the industrial sector were government-run, there has been substantial, albeit unmeasured, private investment in commercial activities; this has been largely financed by the Somalia diasporas, and includes trade and marketing, transportation, communications, fishery equipment, airlines, education, health, construction and hotels.

While Somalia's civil dispute is yet fully resolved, change and structure is on the horizon and the possibilities for business will become abundant.






Djibouti is on the extreme western edge of East Africa, called the Horn of Africa, with unrivaled desert landscapes meeting the Red Sea. Its capital also called Djibouti is today changing rapidly.


Djibouti's natural resources include salt which is exported and growing a free trade port and facilities that serve as an important gateway to Ethiopia, South Sudan and northern Somalia.